Mary Babson Fuhrer’s publications include:

“Sisterhood in Lexington” American History Magazine, forthcoming. (Political activism of Lexington’s women, 1775)

“Words from a Love Story,” Early American Life, December, 2021.

“Half in Love with Death,” American History Magazine, April 2020. (Consumption/tuberculosis in early America)

“The Striped Pig: A Tale of Porcine Protest,” Early American Life Magazine, February, 2019.

Review: Dorr Rebellion Website, Common-Place, Web Library, Fall, 2014.

A Crisis of Community: The Trials and Transformation of a New England Town, 1815-1848. Forthcoming by the University of North Carolina Press, Spring, 2014.

“The Worlds of Lexington and Concord Compared,” The New England Quarterly, Vol. 85, No. 1, March 2012.

“From Sources to Stories: Reconstructing Revolutionary Lexington in the Classroom,” The History Teacher Vol. 42, No. 4, August, 2009, pp. 497-506.

“The Druggist’s Apprentice: A Diary of Coming of Age in Antebellum Boston,” in New England Diaries: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folk Life Annual Proceedings, 2007. Boston: Boston University, 2008.

“Reckoning with the Parkers: Three Generations of Artisan Trade in Colonial and Early Republic Lexington (1736-1836),” Monograph Report for the Lexington Historical Society, April, 2004.

“We Have All Something to Do in the Cause of Freeing the Slaves”: The Abolitionist Work of Mary White,” in Women’s Work: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folk Life Annual Proceedings, 2001. Boston: Boston University, 2002.

Letters from the “Old Home Place”: Selections from the White Family Collection at Old Sturbridge Village, 1997. Funded by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

“Family Letters, Community History & a Balance of Expertise,” CommonWealth, 1997.

“The Diary of Mary White,” Old Sturbridge Village Visitor, Fall, 1995.

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